Published | 2015-11-20
"Best Student 2015"
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YSU European Languages and Communication Faculty students Anna Madatyan and Julieta Gevorgyan have been participating in both local and international programs since their student years, transferring their knowledge to both foreign and Armenian students. In the conversation with us, they told about the acquired teaching experience, YSU's invaluable role in it and the goals they set.
"New understanding of the world of nucleo peptides" at YSU Institute of Pharmacy. Giovanni Roviello, Doctor of Biotechnology, researcher at the Institute of Biostructures and Bioimaging of the National Research Council of Naples presented “Synthesis, Properties, Applications of Nucleo amino Acids and Nucleo peptides”.
The "Learning by Doing" program was launched at the Faculty of Law of YSU, within the framework of which a lecture entitled "Skills for drawing up claims and petitions" was held.