Published | 2022-06-17
Diploma Award Ceremony
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In 2010, the first time in Armenia a joint double degree MS Program “Visual Computing” developed by the Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering of the University of Rostock, Germany and the Information Technologies Educational and Research Center of YSU has been launched. The development of the program has been completely supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).
The Science Committee of MօESCS (Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports) RA (Republic of Armenia) has guaranteed funding for the scientific topic of "Preparation of a nanostructured sensor detecting low concentrations of hydrogen". We talked about the project with Mikael Aleksanyan, associate professor, head of YSU center of semiconductor devices and nanotechnologies.
The research project was launched in October, 2020 and funded by Science Committee of the Republic of Armenia. The project is implemented by Yerevan State University in cooperation with Dr. Mara Tignino who is a reader and a lead legal specialist at the Faculty of Law and Institute for Environmental Sciences of the University of Geneva.