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New ties have been established in the framework of YSU international cooperation with Diaspora donors and alumni.

Mutually beneficial cooperation projects have been implemented in cooperation with the Armenian communities in the Middle East, the United States as well as European countries. Negotiations on cooperation have been held with the leaders of the Diaspora alumni community associations.

As a result of the cooperation annual and single scholarships have been allocated by the Diaspora donors, which were distributed among those students who have high performance and live in difficult social conditions. Regarding this issue the cooperation with following organizations has been expanded: "The Knights of Vardan", "California Association of Armenian Craftsmen", "The Armenian Educational Foundation" (USA) and "The Gulbenkian Foundation". As a result 876 students have received single scholarships, and Gulbenkian Foundation has paid the tuition fee for 98 students.

In 2008 a project was launched in cooperation with the Gulbenkian Foundation, which still continues. The Foundation covers the short-term scientific-education travel expenses for YSU students. By January 15 of 2013 the expenses for 125 young scholars from YSU have been paid by this Foundation. The exchange programs in the framework of the tripartite agreement between YSU (Faculty of Biology), CIBIO (Portugal) and Gulbenkian Foundation are also continued. The total volume of funding is 80.000 euros.

Other areas of the university life have also been funded by the Gulbenkian Foundation, including the support of publication of "Bulletin of Yerevan University" scientific periodical, partial renovation financing of YSU Guest House, etc.

YSU Publishing House and Gulbenkian Foundation have negotiated on the publishing of scientific and education literature. The delivery of the newly and previously published literature to the cultural and educational centres in Lebanon, Syria and Iran has been organized. This mission is also carried in the Armenian communities in Europe by the Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisbon). Only in 2012/13 academic year over 600 pieces of literature have been delivered.

Relations with Diaspora