Ani S. Dadayan
2001 - 2007: Student of the Yerevan State University (YSU), Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Academic degree, rank
PhD in Chemistry
Dissertation «Synthesis of new fluoro-containing chiral auxiliaries and amino acid complexes and their study in the asymmetric reactions for α-amino acid synthesis», SPC «Armbiotechnology» SNPO NAS RA

Professional activities
2017 - to date: Secretary of Scientist's Board, Assistant of department of Pharmtechnology and Pharmacy Economics& Managment,
2011 - 2016: Lecturer of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, YSU,
2016 - to date: senior researcher at laboratory of Galenic and New Galenic preparations,
2014 - 2016: senior researcher at laboratory of asymmetric synthesis,
2008 - 2014: researcher at laboratory of asymmetric synthesis,
2006 - 2008: junior researcher at laboratory of asymmetric synthesis.

Scope of scientific interests
Syntheses of new modified chiral auxiliaries and their amino and dehidroamino acid complexes and investigation in asymmetric biomimetic reactions for the syntheses of α- and β- substituted non-proteinogenic (R)- and (S)- α- mino acids. Prodaction of Galenic and New-galenic preparations and herbal origin oils

Lectures delivered
Drug production technology

Member of the consul of young science of SPC «Armbiotechnology» NAS RA
Member of public organization “Biotechnological Armenian Association” RA
Member of Young Chemists Association

2007 - 2009: ISTC project # A-1247
2009 - 2011: ISTC project # A-1677
2012 - 2014: Volkswagenstiftung project-1D Az 86 223
2013 - 2015: Project – 13RF-050.

Armenia, Russia, English

Ani S. Dadayan

Candidate of Chemistry, Assistant Scientific Secretary of Institute of Pharmacy | Institute of Pharmacy - Chair of Pharmtechnology and Pharmacy Economics and Management


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