2016-10-11 17:35:57


YSU hosted the 29th congress of the Eurasian Association of the Trade Union Organizations of the Universities.

The 29th edition of this prestigious international congress is held in Yerevan on October 10-13. About 50 participants, representing Armenia, Russian Federation, Belarus, Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine will discuss various issues, related to the protection of interests of the administration and students of the universities, as well as the role and functions of trade unions in the modern societies.

Chairman of the Eurasian Association of the Trade Union Organizations of the Universities Igor Kotlobovskiy made the opening remarks. Then YSU Rector Aram Simonyan presented, the history, education process, academic activities, international cooperation of the university, making focus on the role of the Trade Union at our university.

“YSU Trade Union was founded in 1947. After the collapse of the USSR YSU Trade Union preserved its best traditions and I am sure today it is much stronger than in previous times. Social programs are among the key ones in the Strategic Development Plan of YSU in 2016-2020 and all this should be called to life with the direct support by YSU Trade Union,” – said Mr. Simonyan.

Representatives of our partner universities made presentations, presenting their experience, rising vital issues in this field, making attempts to find common solutions.

“This is a good tradition at YSU that the problems of the employees are discussed between the Trade Union and Employer. All problems receive their solutions in the frames of the legislation. The Collective Agreement also contributes to this all,” – said Chairman of YSU Trade Union Organization Armen Avetisyan, adding that YSU was the first HEI where the Collective Agreement was signed in 2007.

It was noted that YSU is going to provide its employees with health insurance and will use its own funds for this purpose. The process has already begun and will become more visible in the coming year.

A declaration will be signed with the participation of the representatives of all participating countries, which will contain all the raised problems and their solutions.