2017-04-07 16:50:37


The four-day training for the young lecturers and researchers of YSU will start on April 8. It is called to raise the level of their military readiness.

The initiative belongs to YSU Trade Union Organization. It will hold four-day training with the support of the RA Ministry of Defense for those lecturers and researchers who were exempt from compulsory military service in the manner prescribed by law. It will enable them to obtain knowledge on armory, its usage, features, first medical aid.

The participants will learn about the armory, the tactics of the enemy, required skills to be able to provide first aid on the battlefield. The program was developed by YSU Trade Union Organization.

Author of the initiative, YSU Trade Union President Armen Avetisyan, expressed hope that the program would continue, as many people show interest in it: “This program was recommended and approved by the Rector. This initiative gives a start to a program, which is important for everyone. I think the performance will be great because classes are full of theoretical and practical lectures on various topics related to the military sphere.”

Armen Avetisyan and the Head of the Division of the Military Readiness Planning and Analysis of the RA MD, Colonel Armen Vardanyan met today with lecturers. They noted that this is the first training of the kind in the history of the independent Armenia.

The courses aimed at the increasing the combat readiness will be held at Nubarashen Military Unit named after Andranik Ozanyan. Armen Vardanyan said that on the first day of the course, participants will receive knowledge on intelligence, uniforms, identification, as well as charging and firing of small arms. The first two sessions of the course will be of a theoretical nature, to be followed by practical exercises.

“The participants will learn about weapons, study their characteristics as the soldiers do,” - said Colonel Vardanyan, adding that if each soldier knows his place and position, he will be invincible.

Armen Vardanyan also noted that the best participants will have the chance to appear in the second round of the program, which differs from the previous one. The Ministry of Defense will develop new formats aimed at the increasing the effectiveness of the training. In the frames of the four-day course, participants will pass an exam to determine whether they have mastered the subject.

“This initiative will enable the participants to master in firing, to get military knowledge, as well as it will contribute to the development and strengthening army-society relations,” - said Armen Avetisyan at the end of the meeting.

YSU Trade Union Organization expects to make the program permanent, and now it is open to 40 lecturers and researchers up to 40 years old.