2017-05-02 11:41:05


The course of the preliminary military readiness, initiated by YSU Trade Union Organization, was held.

The course is for those who are exempt from compulsory military service in the manner prescribed by the law. The project has been developed by the Trade Union and approved by YSU Rector Aram Simonyan and then submitted to the RA Ministry of Defense.

The four-day training course was launched on April 8 and held throughout the month, every Saturday in order to be able to combine it with work.

The course was attended by 40 lecturers and researchers. 29 of them completed it and received certificates: “Certificates were awarded to those who had high attendance,” - said YSU Trade Union President Armen Avetisyan.

During the four-day course, students participated in theoretical as well as practical field training. First they were introduced to potential rival military structure, weapons and tactics, small arms, their types, characteristics and advantages, learnt shooting fundamentals (ball flight, speed, precision, targeting the stabs, etc.), as well as rules of shooting.

“The initiative aimed at the nation-army idea, contributed to the improvement of fire training of our people,” - stated Armen Avetisyan.

Courses were of practical and theoretical nature. The participants also underwent intelligence training.

“Happily for us, I must say that most of our tutors were able to hit the target and record high performance. There were professors who took up arms for the first time, and it was a good experience for them,” - concluded Armen Avetisyan.

It is envisaged to continue this program. According to the preliminary agreement, the next stage will be held already this year. Women can also participate in this program.